January 24, 2020

Orange River Region

The region is moving towards the end of the season with volumes 10% lower than original estimates.

Thompson and Sweet Globe has been harvested and Autumn Crisp is coming to an end in week 4.

Late white seedless volumes were also down. 

Sweet Celebr...

December 24, 2019

Limpopo Region

After a good start to the season in week 44 the past few weeks was a bit rocky on all varieties due to rains pouring down since the start of week 46. Overall a crop loss estimate of + 30% was reported on early White and Red Seedless grapes.

The early Black...

December 12, 2017


The region experienced its first heavy summer rains during Week 49 - 50.  The Sable Seedless plots were harvested before these rains, which meant we avoided challenges to the quality side. Black Seedless harvesting will come to an end this week. The Crims...

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