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The area has experienced relatively mild weather conditions and has had a lower average rainfall to date than in previous seasons. The milder temperatures has led to perfect coloring weather and it’s been a great season for producing excellent quality fruit!

The last White Seedless will be harvested by the end of Week 48, while we’re expecting lower volumes on Sable Seedless in the coming weeks. Volumes were impacted by the cold temperatures in the early stages of development. This has however brought about excellent quality and bunch sizes. Harvest will continue on the Sable Seedless and the Midnight Beauty up to Week 50. Harvest on the later Red Seedless varieties will commence around Week 51.


Harvest in the area is slowing gaining momentum after a much delayed start. The cooler days have begun giving way to warmer ones although on average we are still experiencing mild temperatures throughout the region.

White Seedless volumes will increase in the coming two weeks. Although the White Seedless crop looks extremely promising, harvest to date has realized much lower volumes than estimated. Please take note this might be a tendency resulting in lower volumes than predicted.

The quality and taste is exceptional with good sugars throughout. The harvest on Black Seedless varieties will commence with Sable Seedless by the end of Week 48, continuing through to Week 03.

Overall the area is experiencing perfect conditions for an excellent quality year. On the production side however, we expect to have limited volumes compared to the previous season.


The harvest should commence towards the end of December in the early regions of the Western Cape. Final preparations are taking place and the bunches are looking promising with good volumes as well as strong bunch structures and shoulders.

Growers are managing the water supply and precision farming methods are used as wide as possible to insure water resources are used efficiently.


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