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The Orange River season came to a close and Limpopo will pack the last small volumes of Scarlotta in week 5.


The midseason White Seedless of Regal and Thompson are coming to an end this week. By next week the Sweet Globe and Sundance will also finish and close out the Mid White Seedless for the season.

Black Seedless varieties of Midnight Beauty and Sable is also coming to an end this week while Adora, Sweet Joy and the first Autumn Royal is starting up. On the Red Seedless we'll see the first Crimson harvested. There is a really high expectation for the quality of the Crimson this season.

Red Seedless volumes this week will also consist of varieties such as Sweet Celebration and Sunred.

Red Globe volumes will remain under pressure next week because of the massive losses suffered due to early season sunburn.

The strict management of quality has driven down export volumes. Smaller berry sizes are expected to be the norm.

Water levels remain under pressure, but is still sufficient to keep going.

Overall we're very satisfied with the quality of fruit from this area.


The area is experiencing a good season with healthy grapes and an above average berry size. Early varieties seem to have delivered on pre-season estimates.

On Black Seedless the end of week 5 should see the last of the Midnight Beauty and Sable Seedless. It will also see the first Crimson volumes from younger vines as well as some mid season White Seedless Sweet Globe.

Micromanagement of water seems to have quickened sugar accumulation and colouring compared to previous seasons with a heavy crop of Crimson Seedless expected to be packed from week 7 through 10.

Very slight late summer rains where experience in the form of thunder showers, but with such insignificant quantities we’re not expecting any negative impact.

Water levels remain under pressure, but is still sufficient to keep going.

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