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  • Production commenced week 44 with challenging weather conditions limiting volumes into week 45.

  • Current cooler nighttime temperatures are improving the colour of the fruit.

  • With temperatures moving into 30°C in the coming week sugars should accumulate faster.

  • Over the next two weeks volumes will increase on the following varieties:

  • Early Sweet | Prime Seedless | Starlight | Flame Seedless | Midnight Beauty

  • Sable Seedless will be moving into production from week 48.

  • Special attention went into the preparation of the newer varieties to ensure perfect bunches throughout.


  • Compared to last season harvesting will commence one week (7-10 days) later due to weather conditions.

  • The heatwaves experienced in October will definitely impact volumes from this region.

  • Some varieties were affected more than others, and we forecast a normal crop from this region.

  • Sable Seedless were one of the varieties that decreased in volumes due to above mentioned.

  • With cold weather throughout the beginning of November, temperatures will rise in the weeks to follow.

  • Weather reports are forecasting anything between 30°C to 40°C for this week.

  • The early area will start week 47, although volumes will only increase from week 48 onwards.

  • Varieties being: Prime Seedless | Early Sweet | Starlight

  • Black Seedless varieties will move into full production from week 50.



  • The heatwave that was experienced in the Northern part did not effect the Berg River area due to fruit still being in early stages of development.

  • Overall this area is showing promising development for a good kick off week 52.

  • Water availability was a massive challenge the previous season. We had sufficient rain the past season to keep normal crop volumes on the vines.

  • Sable Seedless and Midnight Beauty are looking promising with good bunch configuration.

  • We will also see an increase in new variety volumes in this area which will include Sweet Globe and Autumn Crisp.


  • The Western Cape went into bloom with challenging weather. Strong winds along with temperatures reaching over 40°C.

  • High temperatures and strong winds will have a definite effect on the Sable Seedless volumes out of the later region.

  • Late Black Seedless varieties like Adora Seedless and Sweet Joy seems to have good shoot growth and fertility.

  • Red Seedless volumes from the area seems promising, more accurate estimates will follow in the coming weeks.

  • Too many bunches on a vine can cause underdeveloped bunches and berries, hence crop control brings the vineyards into balance.

  • Bunch preparation will start on Early Red Seedless varieties: Sweet Celebration | Flame Seedless | Tawny.

  • This will ensure that bunch size, compactness and uniformity meet market requirements.

  • We look forward to deliver bigger volumes of Autumn Crisp and Sweet Globe this season.

  • Crop control will commence in the next couple of weeks on the new varieties in the area.


Please get in contact with us for additional information:

Far East - Marietjie Franzsen | Hugo van Dyk

Europe - Louise van der Merwe | CJ van Staden

North America - Le Roux Strydom | CJ van Staden

United Kingdom - Le Roux Strydom | Johann Hauptfleisch

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