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TGC Seasonal Update | Week 43 | 2019


• Ideal mild temperatures averaging between 15ºC low and 35ºC high.

• Application of sizing sprays on Early Sweet in week 39.

• The region is 7 days earlier compared to the previous season.

• First harvest on white seedless week 43.

• The Red Seedless volumes will start in week 46 with Black Seedless following in week 47.

• Bunch shortening done in advance to focus on eating quality of product instead of volumes.

• Overall the first impression of the region for this season looks extremely promising.



• The region is in full bloom with favourable weather conditions

• Early varieties 7 days earlier compared to the previous season.

• Day temperatures averaging between 28ºC and 35ºC which is normal for this time of the year.

• With less fluctuation in weather during early growth stages, the vines showed more consistent growth.

• With the first harvest on White Seedless around week 46 and Red Seedless to follow in week 47.

• The region will have numerous plots with new flavour varieties coming into production.

• Ideal growing conditions will contribute to a great tasting year on niche varieties like Sable Seedless.



• The Berg River will start with harvest week 51/52 with the Hex River following just a week behind.

• These areas are 7 days earlier along with ideal growing conditions and less winds than previous years.

• The Crimson Seedless yields seems to be average in terms of volumes this year.

• With new plots coming into production we expect yield increase on the following varieties:

- Sweet Globe®

- Sweet Celebration®

- Autumn Crisp®

- Adora Seedless®

• Drought challenges are under control if compared to the previous two years, however growers are still keeping all protocols in place to ensure that the season will be a success throughout.

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