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Orange River Region | Early South African region | Nov - Jan

With consistently warm weather, the harvest is still running full swing in the Orange River region. Up to now, original production estimates have been reached on the early plots, however, we're not seeing above normal volumes compared to the previous season.

Black Seedless

Sable Seedless will move to an end around week 02 production.

Midnight Beauty will continue for another week to around production week 03 before coming to an end.

Red Seedless

We're finishing up on Jack's Salute, Timco, and Allison. Sweet Celebration and Crimson are the main red varieties moving forward in the coming weeks from this region.

Green Seedless

We've already started with production on Thompson seedless and the first harvest on Sweet Globe and Autumn Crisp has also begun on the early plots. These varieties will be in full production in the next three weeks before we're finishing up in the region.

Orange River pictures: Timpson™, Sable Seedless®, Sweet Celebration™

Berg River Region | Mid South African region | Dec-Mar

Sugar levels were accumulating slowly which led to a few days delay to the start of harvest. This is due to the cooler weather conditions which we experienced in the Western Cape, however also ideal conditions for coloring and size expansion of the grapes in the final weeks.

We've commenced with Sable Seedless, Midnight Beauty, Tawny, and Ralli in the Berg River. Production is looking great at this stage and week two will see larger volumes being harvested. Most varieties will be in full production week 03/04 in this region.

Berg River pictures: Tawny, Midnight Beauty®, Sugraone

Hex River Valley | Late South African season | Jan - May

The first varieties to be harvested in the Hex River Valley will be Sugraone, Sable Seedless, Starlight, and Tawny. Harvest will commence in week 02/03 and the region will be in full production moving towards the end of January.

Overall we're seeing a healthy crop in the region with necessary spray applications applied after the early summer rains.

Overall production volumes will be steady from South Africa, and we will not see above-normal volumes this season. Numerous new varieties are moving into production which excites us as feedback from final consumers on the eating experience of our product was excellent!

Shipping and Logistics

Challenges continue to arise on the logistical side from container shortages for the far east, tremendous increases in shipping cost, operational challenges at ports leading to constant adjustments to ship ETA's, and we can continue with the list...

Our logistical team is doing everything possible to manage all challenges to the best of their abilities, and through that allowing for timely arrivals on all our programmed fruit successfully.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions and follow us on Instagram/Facebook to stay up to date with weekly production photos on the different varieties.



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