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TGC Newsletter | Week 43 | 2021

It's the start of another season! Here is our first update and we look forward to sharing the development phase with you! A more comprehensive update will follow soon as the fruit progress.

Orange River

Early Orange River Area mostly past the blooming fase on the early varieties, starting with enlargement sprays.

They are experiencing moderate weather which helps with the cell division which leads to good bunch weights.

Varieties such as the early Sable, Sweet Globe and Sweet Celebration are currently in full bloom.

Augrabies are roughly 2 weeks after the early Orange River regions. Timing is roughly the same as the previous season but weather conditions might have an impact on a few days later harvesting.

Overall weather conditions are favourable with moderate temperatures.

Western Cape

Early varieties such as Sable and Midnight are at 90% Bloom.

Overall bunch counts are looking good and growers are expecting a reasonable crop.

Sweet Globe, specifically in Berg River, are looking exceptional with good bunch structures and vigorous growth which can lead to good berry sizes.

We have been experiencing cooler weather the past week and this may influence the set on early varieties.

In the Hex River the Crimson Seedless have sufficient bunch counts which is promising.

Overall the vines are looking healthy, and all vineyard practices are up to date.


We are looking forward to the season with first expected grapes from our SA farms in week 47, followed by good volume in week 48 already.

You know where to find us if you have any questions or would like to request additional information and photos!

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