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TGC Newsletter | Week 47 | 2020

The Limpopo region is still on a two-week delay compared to the previous season. A frustrating scenario for all parties involved, however, the coming week will show a good increase in grapes. White seedless and Red seedless volumes will increase in the coming week (48).

The Orange River region will commence week 48, with volumes limited. It's a slow start for the area and volumes will increase going into the end of week 48 and start off 49. The grapes are looking great, however, the early white seedless varieties are tending to be lighter crops than originally estimated. This area is delayed by around 10 days.

In the coming week, we will see an increase in the following varieties:

Early Sweet, Prime, Starlight

The first Sable Seedless will be harvested at the end of week 49, with volumes picking up in week 50.

In the last 20 years, we haven't experienced a delayed start to a season like this year in the early regions.

Overall the Western Cape regions are experiencing excellent consistent weather throughout. Bunch counts are promising and temperatures are picking up fast. New varieties such as Sweet Celebration, Sweet Globe, and Autumn Crisp are currently being prepared in the late regions and bunch counts, as well as leaf cover, are looking excellent.

A more in-depth report will follow in the later regions in the coming weeks.

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