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TGC Newsletter | Week 51 | 2020

LIMPOPO - Early region

The region is in full production and reaching the halfway mark.

Black Seedless: Midnight Beauty is currently in full production, and the harvest on Sable Seedless commenced week 50 - 51.

Red Seedless: Tawny Seedless production commenced in week 49/50 and will be followed by Crimson Seedless from week 51/52 onwards. Scarlotta Seedless will be harvested in the new year.

Overall the area is showing an average crop

ORANGE RIVER - Early region

Harvest in the area was delayed by 14 days due to late cold weather. The consistent mild temperatures this year however lead to excellent flowering conditions.

Mid varieties are delayed by around 10 days compared to the previous season.

White Seedless: Prime and Early Sweet is in full production and coming to an end, showing a 10% production deviation from original estimates. Sugraone will come into production week 51 followed by Thompson, Sweet Globe and Autumn Crisp in the new year.

Red Seedless: The mid varieties are coming into production fast and will move into full production week 51.

Black Seedless: Sable Seedless is in full production week 51 - 52. Midnight Beauty also had a slow start with limited extra large volumes.

Conditions are favourable for colouring due to cold evenings followed by the warm days.

WESTERN CAPE - Mid / Late region

This area experienced ideal growing conditions over the past few weeks. Moderate temperatures ensure good cell division which leads to above average berry size.

Cooler fruit set conditions led to bunches being more compact which however forced growers to use additional labour to open up the bunches and remove more berries - increased input cost.

We are aiming for the first harvest in the mid region (Berg River Valley) around week 53 on the red seedless varieties, followed by Midnight Beauty and Sable Seedless going into week 01.

We're expecting an average crop volume on the Crimson Seedless in the mid region.


SOUTH AFRICA statistics - YOY +/- 40% down due to delayed season

Thank you and feel free to each out to us if any additional information is needed!

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