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TGC Newsletter | Week 52 | 2020

ORANGE RIVER - Early region

  • The Orange River moved into full production on all white, red and black seedless varieties.

  • After a good start to the season, the region received about 15-25mm of rain over two days in week 52. The necessary measures are taken to deliver a healthy product.

  • As we come to an end to our early-season varieties such as Prime and Early Sweet, we notice that production is down 10% - 15% for this region if compared to estimates.

  • Sugra One™ is in full production from week 52 with harvest on mid-season varieties such as Sweet Globe™ ,Sweet Celebration™ and Thompson Seedless to commence from week 53.

  • Sable Seedless™ will come to an end in week 53 in this region.

WESTERN CAPE - Mid / Late region

  • First Production in the Western Cape region will commence in Week 53 in Trawal, with the Berg River area and Hex River Valley to follow.

  • The region seems to be 5 days delayed if compared to the previous year.

  • Conditions for fruit set were ideal for berry growth which led to a good overall size and more uniform bunches.

  • Varieties such as Arra29(Passion Fire™), Flame and Starlight will commence in week 53.

  • Early Black Seedless varieties such as Sable Seedless and Midnight Beauty will follow from week 1.

  • We expect a good crop of Crimson Seedless in the Hex River Valley

  • The weather predictions for the next two weeks seems ideal for colouring and berry growth as temperatures vary between 15-30°C.


Thank you and feel free to each out to us if any additional information is needed!

Merry Christmas!

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