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It's been a complicated Southern Hemisphere grape season. Even though South Africa started with a delay, we were aligned for a prosperous season. Then Mother Nature once again showed the perplexity of farming and the resilience required to be a successful grower.

The Orange River experienced above normal rainfall which we haven't seen in a great number of years. This caused additional; labor charges,spray application, crop sanitation and the list goes on. Even with adhering to all protocols, the responsible decision was still made to not export more than 30% of the prepared grapes.

The Western Cape experienced ideal growing conditions up to a week ago, whereafter we received the first rains in the late part of the South African grape region.

First assessment showed manageable issues, however after additional rainfall over the weekend the following late varieties will be affected:

- Autumn Crisp

- Scarlotta Seedless

- Crimson Seedless

We currently have 6 production managers in the Hex River valley evaluating the plots to determine which fruit can be exported with minimal risk. We want to make it clear that we will manage the fruit in the field and packhouses to the best of our ability. And that we have skilful growers and ample experience to understand the product.

However, it stays difficult to predict the arrival condition of any deciduous fruit which experienced unfavourable weather conditions. Hence, we will make decisions on limiting special packaging and additional travel where possible and will appreciate your understanding in this matter as it will be the best decision for the fruit.

Thank you

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