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TGC Seasonal Update | Week 41 | 2023

Get ready for an exciting and promising table grape season! Following a cold and wet winter, the spring has brought new growth, marking the beginning of this year's grape season. Here is our first update, and we are eager to keep you informed as the season progresses.


Early varieties such as Prime and Arra15 are showing great promise, with sizing sprays being applied. The mid to late varieties, like Sweet Globe and Jack's Salute, are still in bloom and will conclude within the next week. The weather conditions in the region are expected to remain moderate for the upcoming week. We anticipate the arrival of the first volumes of Early Sweet and Arra29 in Week 46.

Orange River

The early white seedless grapes of the Orange River, such as Prime, have already received their initial enlargement sprays. Meanwhile, later varieties like Sweet Globe and Sweet Celebration are still in bloom. The weather forecast for the next few weeks is favourable for both plant and fruit development. The bunch counts of the varieties showed promise before bloom, and we will have a clearer estimation of the crop in the coming weeks. At this stage, the timing appears to be similar to last year, with the Early Orange River expected to commence in Week 47.

Western Cape

This region has received abundant rainfall throughout the winter season, leading to high water levels in rivers and dams. However, certain areas have experienced infrastructure damage caused by sudden floods.

In the Berg River area, the Midnight Beauty variety has already begun to bloom this week, and starting from next week, early varieties such as Sweet Celebration, Sable, and Sweet Globe are expected to enter their blooming stage.

In the upcoming weeks, we will be visiting the Orange River and other areas of the Western Cape to monitor the progress of the growing season.

We will provide the next update in two weeks’ time .

Please reach out to us if any additional information is required!

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